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Ashorted sorts/updated with packing a bike in a box video.

October 31, 2010

0. Watch this video showing Emil packing a bike for shipping.

1. At some point in the next 30 days it will behoove you to have emailed miesha with your birthday (if you're a member).




Peeking Through the Knothole

What's happening on this side here this week, we think

November 7, 2010

Dave messed up his fingers-hands-and arms in a marathon session of computer work, and we want him fixed...not so he can do it again, but because he's Dave. He has an appointment monday. It's one of those technology biting back injuries kind of like what I had last year and what (I'm guessing) many of you have had.

Dave and I have been working on the next Reader (I still am) and a Holiday Flyer (still am) and some other stuff.